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What is Transformational coaching method (tcm)?

TCM is based in neuro-linguistic programming and the science of behavior and habit change. It uncovers and examines beliefs and patterns in order to shift paradigms (our world view). This technique locates hidden roots of “issues” so that we can heal at the deepest level and move into a new way of operating in our lives. It empowers you to release limiting beliefs and step into a higher version of yourself. It is a game changer, a relationship changer, and a life changer.

what can i expect from a session?

My coaching programs are intentionally designed to guide you to your goals. Each session will have a foundational structure that allows us the space to create within. In TCM, we have a variety of tools, processes, exercises, and questioning sequences that help you to build personal awareness, get in touch with your intuition, increase confidence in self, and take empowered action.

While there are specific coaching structures within TCM, I always show up to a session with the individual in mind. I will meet you where you are in your journey and hold space for your goals and dreams. I help find clarity, support your growth, set action items, and provide accountability for you to show up fully in the process.

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How do i know if coaching is right for me?

It’s the perfect time for a coach if you are ready for change and are willing to do the work to get there. If you are ready to let go of what is no longer working in your life and focus on moving toward your desired life.

This process is about supporting you to love yourself unconditionally and to show up confidently in your life. It’s about honoring your body, showing up as a powerful player in your life, and making real lasting change.

Here, in this moment, you get to choose your level of greatness.