I'm grateful for all the people I get to work with. Interested in hearing what it's like to work with me? Check out some testimonials from my clients.

After working with Jessica I feel inspired, healthier, and hopeful. I was pleasantly surprised how much of a change could occur in a short amount of time.
— T

Happy Clients


"My changes I've made have been developing a routine. It's the little things right? I feel better when I wake up that's for sure. I'm proud of my weight loss! Down 19lbs in less than a month now. Looking forward to future success with my wife accomplishing our goals together."

— Casey

"I'm sleeping so good I didn't know it was possible. I thought my days of sleeping through the night without taking something to help me sleep were over."

— Client

"It is very helpful to have a resource that can reconnect me to focusing on healthy behaviors and choices. We get so busy and start cutting corners that we can eventually compromise our health. Jessica has developed a program designed to help clients step out of the rush of unconscious behavioral choices and focus on allowing time and space to recommit to a diet and lifestyle that is wholesome and centering. I wouldn’t do this on my own. I’d perpetually procrastinate. It’s good to have an experienced coach to call on when I’ve spiraled out of balance. She provides the gentle nudge that remind me to care about myself.”

— Diane

"Jessica was a wonderful coach through this cleanse. Her feedback and support really helped me keep on track. Can't wait to see what other classes she will offer."

— Cindy